In second year we had to put an event that raised money for a given charity while working as a team of 8 to pull it off. A student run events company that was raising money for St Basils homeless charity.


St Basils helps and supports 16-25 years old who are homeless or at risk in the West Midlands. We fundraised, then held a mother's day inspired afternoon tea event at Hampton Manor, which saw over 50 attendees and over £1100 raised for the charity.

My role was to keep everyone organised and on-track, as well as keeping branding consistent throughout PR and Marketing. I took on the role of being the venue liaisons as well. The video aside I put together using Premier- Pro Adobe Software to showcase the event, this was my first time editing video.

The event and process gave me a great in-sight to how to put on successful events, while also finding an interest in putting on events in the future.

Moodboard for the decoration of the event